Social Sustainability

OJ Lifestyle is a brand created from Omar's life story so far. Omar Jackson wants to inspire and encourage people to find their passion, drive them towards action and create positive change in all aspects of life.

Social sustainability a key part of our DNA. 

We look to benefit members of any community around the globe by giving back and boosting their lifestyle.

Dubai Ramadan Initiative

A spur of the amount idea to provide a full Iftar dinner for over ten thousand workers based in the Sonapur district on the last Friday of Ramadan. OJ brought together a team who in just 4 days, organised the entire initiative which included having the full support of Dubai Police, who generously closed roads, offered invaluable advice and provided a safety briefing to over two hundred volunteers who took part to ensure the operation was executed successfully.

Tanzania School

A young team accepted the challenge to go to a village called Magara and build a school. For one month Omar had the opportunity to form a bond with the future students. Living in the wild without any western comforts, this was a true opportunity of personal development and for OJ, it was a life changing and incredibly rewarding experience.

Dubai School Talks

OJ has a passion to inspire the next generation. He frequently offers his time to schools and universities in both the UAE & UK to tell his story, interact, encourage creativity and mentor students.

Sri Lanka Orphanage

An unplanned visit to a run-down Colombo based orphanage touched the heart of OJ who provided capital to renovate the school and accommodation. During Covid-19, OJ provided more than one month of emergency supplies as they had run out of food due to the economic crisis.

“X” by OJ Lifestyle Campaign

Through “X” by OJ Lifestyle we have set up a special arrangement with a local UAE charity to help children affected by Covid-19. Every pre-launch sign up automatically donates AED 50 to the charity, and each donation will be matched by OJ Lifestyle, so a total of AED 100 goes to help those in need.  In addition to the 70 jobs created by “X” for those whose earnings were affected, we will also be giving away 250 free memberships to frontline workers.