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    It was his challenging younger years which Omar believes shaped him into becoming a strong-minded, successful entrepreneur, determined to make a positive impact and give back in a meaningful way. He lives by the mantra of "work hard, learn always, never quit" and hopes to use this to inspire a younger generation. Ambitions were apparent early on when at eight years old Omar claimed he would one day have his own businesses. Fast forward to today and OJ is truly on the journey to living his dream, as he became a successful entrepreneur and partner of a private equity firm by 26 years old. 

    He is also at the forefront of opening and operating other businesses, including the 2019 launch of his own brand, OJ Lifestyle, which has social sustainability at its core and giving back to the community in equal measure. OJ is passionate about supporting youth, inspiring and developing talent through supporting educational initiatives and aiding those in need with his personal involvement in charities.

    From building a school in Tanzania, renovating an orphanage in Sri Lanka, feeding workers during Ramadan, supporting the same Sri Lankan orphanage with supplies through Covid-19, to inspiring children to work hard - giving back and developing other people’s talent has always been in Omar’s DNA. Inspiring those around him to look within themselves and develop their own passions is something incredibly rewarding for Omar.

    His business savvy style was established from a young age. At 13, he started to sell cakes for money in school. Between cakes and becoming a successful entrepreneur, Omar went on an unbelievable journey. This included working at Primark, Heathrow Airport, successfully investing early on into the vaping industry, working in corporate finance and running various businesses all before becoming a Partner at Berkeley Assets. From the age of 12, Omar’s talent for driving also came to life.  Living in the fast lane, literally, over the years he now races professionally for Ferrari, as part of team HR Owen - FF Corse in the GT series.

    It’s these life lessons that truly made him the entrepreneur that he is today. It was his determination, passion and business savvy mindset that is granting him his dreams. His professional ambitions are far from over, as he takes the private equity industry by storm with his innovative approach and his personal brand moves from strength to strength.

    Throughout his education, Jackson experienced academic challenges, and at times racism and bullying. Raised by a single mother, Omar says his upbringing was tough at times.  His mother did everything she could for her two sons and her own drive and ambition towards starting up a business demonstrated a ‘do the impossible’ mindset which was injected into Omar’s drive.

    It was a traumatising near-death experience at 17 which had a huge impact on Omar’s life. A severe allergy attack saw him rushed to the ER, and with a low chance of survival, Omar was put on life support.  Luckily doctors were able to save him, but this incident gave Omar the realisation that something huge could happen at any moment, and he established a mindset to live every day to the fullest, hence "memorable experiences" underpinning the OJ Lifestyle brand.

    Growing up without a father, and with only his mother supportive of his ambitions, it is Jackson’s ambition to build a strong foundation for his own family in the future. He wants to be in the best possible situation to support and dedicate most of his time to a family, and his passions without any financial limitations. Omar wants to leave a legacy of success and inspiring future generations that they too can achieve the impossible.