In a digital age we must not forget we are human. We thrive through experiences.

OJ Lifestyle, founded by successful entrepreneur, Omar Jackson, is a new lifestyle brand focused on entertainment, fashion and social responsibility. We’ll soon be launching a clothing line, an exciting membership programme ‘X by OJ Lifestyle’, and a number of events across the UAE. 

OJ Lifestyle is a disruptive force of passion and drive; designed to energise, thrill and inspire. The brand has been created from Jackson’s life story, and through it, Omar wants to inspire and encourage people to create positive change in all aspects of life. This journey will teach the community that it’s possible to disrupt your personal business life with fun and fulfilment, creating impact and leaving you with lasting memories.



Disruptive events and thrilling opportunities fuelled by a focus on leaving you with lasting memories. From stunts to concerts & brand parties to sports, we will blow your mind with what is possible. We are raising the bar!


High quality fashion line inspired by OJ himself for male and female. Clothing that oozes confidence and energy designed to be cool, slick and comfortable.

Social Sustainability

Inspire and encourage to discover your passions, drive you towards action and create positive change. A key focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise as well as an annual community project in areas of our world that require sustainable assistance.